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Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic Dining Experience

claw1Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic

I had a great lunch at Clawdaddy’s Restaurant in Bonifacio High Street, BGC Taguig last week. It was my first time to try out their Menu but I had some idea of what they offer, typical American foods that Filipinos also love. And again, I found a 499 worth of 1,000 pesos voucher in Metrodeal so I bought two. Same like other promotional offers, there are terms & conditions you must take note, you can’t use it on any announced public holidays, call in advance to reserve a seat & bring the printed vouchers. Me & my two good friends used up the vouchers worth a total of 2,000 pesos and i thought it’s worth it.


claw8Me & friends

claw3Garlicky Mussels

claw2Free while waiting for your order

claw7Cheese Corn Pops..this is very yummy

Clawdaddy’s High Street is a spacious, with American inspired wall designs that group of friends & families would appreciate. It is located at a strip mall where most of the people hang out after busy day at work. Their Menu has handful of seafoods, pasta, appetizers & kid’s meal. We had a total of 6 different kinds of menu and did not bother ordering any drinks coz it’s going to be too much. I would surely come back o this restaurant.

claw5Fried Coconut Shrimps, A must try

claw6Macaroni & Cheese for Kiddos

claw9Salsa Verde Linguine

claw10Clawdaddy’s Original Baby Back Ribs, half slab

Clawdaddy’s Great American Picnic

Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, 9th Ave

Fort Bonifacio Taguig

(02) 856 4785

A Perfect Getaway in Camaya Coast




c15Beautiful Beach View of Camaya Coast (photo credits to Joy)

Going out for vacation on a weekday? why not? I never thought that this is going to be a great idea to relax and just enjoy the being in beach. I am extrovert type of person and I love being around with my group of friends when out of town. But thisΒ  vacation is different amongst any of my travel experiences. There is something in this place, that made me want to come back.

My travel buddy Joy convinced me to purchase a discounted voucher in Metrodeal for an overnight accommodation in Camaya Coast, I was hesitant a first since I know it’s far! And I was right! πŸ˜› Paying Php 2,800 per night instead of Php 7,000 is not bad at all, which can be used up to four persons per room. We scheduled it for Nov 12 & 13 since I am off work on those days.

A week before our travel date, we did some research on how to get there, some sites says we can take a ferry from Manila to Orion or take a Mariveles route via Genesis or Bataan Transit. I am skeptical about that ferry route so we went to PICC Manila port to ask if they are still operating. We were disappointed after knowing that there is no ferry going to Bataan and only Sun Cruises goes to Camaya coast but limited schedule. It could’ve been nice to take the ferry route coz it will save us time but I guess we really have to stick to traveling by bus.

And the looong wait is over! Yay! Our bags are packed and we are so ready to treat ourselves and not think of anything but to sleep in, eat & have a quiet time away from busy life of Manila. We left exactly at 9:30am from Five Star Cubao station where you can take Bataan Transit to Mariveles.The bus ride took 4 hours with 2 stop overs ( 1 in SM Pampanga to get some passengers & 1 in Lubao Pampanga where you can take a pee break or buy some snacks/beverages) We both want a stress free travel, so we arranged for a special trip shuttle pick up from Mariveles town to the resort. Camaya charged us Php1,000 for pick up and drop off, yes it is pricey for double occupancy so better to go by group or with family members. We were just in time for check in, we arrived at the resort 2:33 pm though the shuttle trip to Camaya only took us 45 minutes.


c31@ the Reception Area






c36Panoramic View of the Beach


c34Enjoying the Beach

c27Sunset @ Camaya Coast

As soon as we get off the shuttle, it made me think, does my 5 hour trip is worth it? And just standing by the reception area, I can see the sands, the beach & a beautiful sunny weather…trying to invite me to run for a closer look.Β  We took some nice photos of the room amenities. This is a must! Whenever we travel, I always tell Joy not to touch anything yet until we’re done taking pictures πŸ˜€


c2Reception Area (photo credits to Joy)


c4Veranda View (photo credits to Joy)

c6Deluxe Room




c10Bathroom Amenities




c29Camaya Coast’s Infinity Pool







c14Breakfast by the beach

So we pretty much had a very relaxing vacation, dine in Wood Pavilion near the beach area and watch the sunset. Their food is OK but there is still a room for improvement, few selection on the menu is understandable since it not a high season plus it’s a weekday. All hotel staffs are courteous & responsive to our needs. They did a great job maintaining the cleanliness of all facilities. No cellphone signal for Smart carriers, only Globe but the WiFi works really great, I can even use Skype even on the beach! Seriously with a full WiFi signal is a bonus

Camaya Coast Hotel & Resort

Sitio Wain, Barangay Biaan, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines

Buffet 101 Robinson’s Magnolia Dining Experience

Foods..foods and lots of foods!! Why it is so difficult to say no to yummy foods!? πŸ˜€ It is funny to think that I am a 4’11 with a small body frame Asian woman but I have such a huge appetite. And yes, I love buffets!! I get to enjoy these niceΒ  restaurants but not paying original price. Thanks to Metrodeal discount voucher site and I found this Buffet 101 deal for Php 559 instead of Php 699 for Mon-Fri Lunch.

b1Robinson’s Magnolia Branch


b2Different desserts


I called the branch to reserve seat for two. Please note that you should call them 3 days in advance otherwise the deal will be forfeited. They also require the guests to be it the restaurant between 11:00- 11:30 a.m. for lunch reservation. This branch has a nice ambianceΒ  and reliable free WiFi connection, variety of foods and overall I enjoyed my lunch.Β  I noticed that they have more desserts than main course meal.

b3Fresh Fruit section & Chocolate Fountain

b4Dessert Table


The Super Woman of Our Family

Last Sunday, May 11,2014 is probably one of the happiest time for my Family. We celebrated Mother’s Day at home with full of love, laughter and favorite foods.

mom1My Family..My Everything

mom3My Lovely Mother Carmelita

A Mother plays an important role in the household, they deserve to be treated in the most special way we can.

I surprised my Mom with a nice bouquet of flowers. I thought it is perfect for her and I was right. She loved it! When I am on my way to work, I was trying to think of a way how will I convince her to be at the gate of my house because I want to give it as soon as I arrive. So here’s what I did: I sent her an SMS “Ma, I need Php 20.00 my fare isn’t enough, I’ll wait for you at the gate” (but I am already standing outside when I sent her that message) Then I heard her running towards the gate, she immediately saw the bunch of flowers and she looks totally surprised. And all I said was “Happy Mother’s Day Mama! I love you! I kissed and hug her so tight. That was a very emotional moment I had with her and it feels good seeing her happy.

mom4Beautiful Flower for My Mama

mom2Me & Mom..Isn’t She Lovely?

Love your Mother, because you can never get another πŸ™‚

History of Mother’s Day Celebration



Gastronomic Day in Gloria Maris Gateway Mall

There are handful of Chinese Restaurants in the country where I live, and many of them serves authentic Chinese foods. Philippines have a huge Chinese community in Binondo, Manila and it is called Manila Chinatown. Also, some of Filipino dishes were influenced by them. As far as I can remember, the last time I dine in Gloria Maris was way back 2006 so barely remember how was it. After my Hong Kong trip, I’ve been looking around to find a match on how delicious the food I had when I was there, I ended up searching for other blogs for good reviews. So I found Hap Chan Tea House in Ali Mall ( which I am going to write a review after this one ) & Gloria Maris Gateway Mall, they are both located in the heart of Quezon City and it’s just a stone throw away from my house.

g1Huge Banquet Hall Entrance of Gloria Maris, with Free WiFi

g9Me & My Buddy Joy


g11Typical Chinese table set-up

g8Nice Wall Design of the Restaurant


Gloria Maris used to be in Smart Araneta Coliseum and they recently moved inside Gateway Mall, located at 4th floor. The restaurant ambience is very Chinese, with all these round tables in red & white motif & the background music is in Chinese language too. Staffs are friendly and look for a seat at your comfort. They have a variety in the menu which ranges between Php 100-300, I guess that’s a good reason to come back then πŸ˜€ Their Yang Chow Rice can serve at least 4 people and the price is reasonable. Here are the photos of the food we’ve ordered. I assure you, they are as yummy as it looks like πŸ™‚

g7Foods..foods and Yummy Foods!

g3Brocolli w/ Scallop, Php 288 & Yang Chow Fried Rice, Php 188

g4Roast Duck Small, Php 500

g5Fried Spareribs with Salt & Pepper, Php 268

g6Let’s Eat!

Gloria Maris Official Website

My Fun Dining at Chef Mickey Restaurant, Hong Kong Disneyland

cm1Entrance to the Restaurant

cm2Chef Mickey Restaurant Price listΒ  as of March 2014

During our one night stay in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Joy and I grabbed the opportunity to dine at Chef Mickey Restaurant. We had a sinful dinner & breakfast…and yes… it was both buffet *insert blushing icon*

I see ears everywhere, from a chair design, ceiling lamp, wall , even pastries and desserts are Mickey shaped!! I am totally stunned when I got inside the restaurant.




cm5Cute Mickey Dining Designs

This place is highly recommended to those who are Mickey lovers like me. You can also take a nice picture with Chef Mickey who roams around the dining area.

cm17Me & Chef Mickey!!

cm14Me & Joy during buffet breakfast

cm15Cute Mickey shaped waffles!! Kids are going crazy with these!

cm16Starting my buffet breakfast w/ these

Talking about food variety, they did a great job on this one, both for breakfast & dinner buffet, food never runs out. Pastries & desserts are the best I’ve ever had, it was baked well & not too sweet. Come take a look on the pictures and enjoy πŸ™‚

cm13Me & Joy during dinner buffet

cm7Cold Cuts & nice Mickey wall tiles

cm8Table Set-up


cm10Fresh Seafood..FTW!

cm11They are so YUMMY!

cm12Sushi Corner


My Two-Day Magical Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland Park

d2The Happiest Place on Earth



Dreams do come true..And yes, my dream to visit Disneyland and meet my favorite cartoon character Mickey Mouse finally happened. This is the highlight of my Hong Kong vacation and I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s our 4th day and we saved the best for last. Actually, we started our Disneyland trip on day 3 after we check in at Disney’s Hotel.
Using our 2 day pass, we watched the spectacular fireworks display held inside the Disney Theme Park every 8:00pm. It is easy to get to the park because of the hotel’s shuttle service, but when we reached the park, we have to do a looooong walk before we reached the main entrance. Gladly, it was a nice and cool weather that day.


d4Lots of Balloons!

It’s already 4:00 pm and there’s still a lot of tourist inside Disneyland, everyone seems to enjoy the place, some wandering around, shopping, taking pictures and lots of people piling up for park rides. I was eager to try some of the ride but waiting time is normally 20-45 minutes so that’s kinda waste of time. It’s our lucky day! I spotted the gazebo where I can have a photo opportunity with the Disney Characters like Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh, Goofy and Pluto. I get to hug Mickey, that moment was unforgettable! I’m like a happiest kid on earth during that time. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true! LOL

c5Michelle finally meet Mickey Mouse

c2Me & Mickey

c1Me & Minnie Mouse

c4With Goofy!

c3With Pluto, Mickey’s Pal

d13Winnie The Pooh

It started to get dark around 6:00pm and we took a break from the long line and walking, we sat down nearby the castle facing the Main St. and looked for a spot to watch the fireworks. We could’ve walked more if we

Variety of snacks and refreshments is pricey inside the park. Mickey Shaped Waffles costs $50 HKD & a bag bucket of caramel popcorn is $98 HKD. We chose not to buy some foods that night since we are getting ourselves ready for a buffet dinner at Chef Mickey πŸ˜€

Here is the clip of the Disneyland Fireworks display, the total duration is 15 minutes and I just took the last portion of it πŸ™‚


Park closes after the fireworks display so everyone is heading out. We went back to the hotel and had a buffet in Chef Mickey Restaurant. After getting full, we’re back in our room watched TV until we flaked and get ready for another busy Disneyland day. We woke up 6:30 am and we were so organized with our activity, we had breakfast, went back to the park to watch the parade at 3:00 pm and try out the Mickey train. I’m glad that our flight back to Manila is in the evening, we had the whole day to spend in the park and enjoy.

d6with one of the band member


d8Parade time! Happens every 3:00 P.M. Hong Kong local time



d11Pretty Tinkerbell

Β Before I planned this Hong Kong Disneyland vacation, my friends who have visited here been telling me to try out the MTR Disneyland Resort Line located at the park which has access to other cities of Hong Kong. Of course I will not let the chance slip away! and yes the train is sooo cuteeee! Here are the photos I took during my short trip from Disneyland park to Sunny Bay & return. The Singe Journey ticket is $6.50 HKD only.

m10MTR Station at night

m11Entrance to the station

m1Adult Single Journey Ticket from Disney to Sunny Bay cost $6.50 HKD


m2Everywhere has ears!


m4Cute Mickey Train!



m7while inside the train

m9Self Service Ticket Vending Machine


Hong Kong Disneyland

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

+852 3550 3369

A Happy Day in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel


dh5Disney’s Hollywood Hotel Sign

dh41Free Disneyland Shuttle Bus

This is the most awaited day for me, we spent 1 night at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and I got so excited see it! Before I planned this trip, I did some research which is the best deal I could get to stay in this hotel. I’ve checked the Hong Kong Disneyland official site it costs an arm and a leg!! Until Joy & I went to Travel Tour Expo 2014 held last February 14-16 at SMX Convention Center MOA and found an affordable package including 1 night accommodation in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Thanks to Wintrex Travel Corporation for this great deal.

Traveling abroad can sometimes be challenging especially if you are going to countries that does not use English as their primary language, but I appreciate the effort of some people who tried their best to communicate with us. The shuttle bus is supposed to pick us up in The Emperor Hotel and bring us to Disney’s Hollywood Hotel on March 20th. Jackie said the driver should send a message to the hotel front desk what time they will arrive, the midnight when we got back to the hotel from our Macau trip, I approached a guy in front desk if there is any message left for me, he said none. When we woke up in the morning at 8:00 am, we still haven’t receive any communication from the driver so we went down the street for breakfast and decide to pack our things when we get back. To my surprise, the receptionist handed me a piece of note from the driver that he was waiting for us from 9:00 am to 9:20 am but we weren’t there and he said we should make our own travel arrangement going to the next hotel we will staying. I was totally annoyed that morning and had an argument with Jackie on the phone. How could you blame the tourists if they were never informed what time the driver will arrive in the first place? Of course we will follow the schedule if we should’ve known the time they will pick us up right? I told her that I will not pay for our cab nor ride a subway going to Disney, that will not happen, there is no point of arguing, I want a resolution and we flew two hours to get to HK to have fun and not stress out myself. Finally, she told me to get a cab and ask for the receipt and they will reimburse it once they sent us to the airport the next day. So she really waited for me to get angry before she thought of a way! Ann’s Travel Services Corp, get your act together and provide the service that we’ve paid for.

dh2Main Entrance of Hotel

dh4Cute Mickey Mirror Wall Design


dh43Hotel’s Front Desk with Friendly Staffs

dh29Disney’s Celebrity Gift Store

After that stressful moment we finally reached Hong Kong Disneyland in Lantau Island around 12:30 pm and it costs us $269 HKD from Emperor to here + annoying morning my travel agent gave. Disneyland Resort have free shuttle service that will drive you within Disney vicinity. The route is from the theme park to the Disneyland Hotel & Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. Hong Kong Disneyland has 2 hotels and we chose the Hollywood Hotel, less cheaper & more Mickey designs. I started having a good mood when we arrived at the hotel lobby, there are lots of kids running around though but that’s expected πŸ™‚ The check in time is 3:00 pm, check out is 11:00 am but you can ask for late check out until 12:00 pm at no cost. We left our things to the luggage station of the hotel and started to take some photos. Every inch of this hotel is so Mickey Mouse inspired, even the mirrors & bench has ears! hahaha OMG it’s cute!!! Please see photos and judge yourself how nice it is. For a Mickey fan like me, staying in this hotel is like a paradise for me! take note, I haven’t seen our room yet, we were just seeing the hotel exterior but I can’t get enough of it!

dh8More Mickey cute Designs at the back of the Hotel


dh7Cute Mickey Mouse Bench

dh35Convenient Luggage Station for the Guests

dh42Pool Entrance

dh26Brrrrr! So cold!

dh28Swimming time!

dh27Hotel’s Piano Pool

dh9Elegant Mickey Design along Hotel Hallway




dh39 Hotel Lobby

dh40Mickey Classic Posters along hallway

We had quick lunch at Hollywood & Dine Restaurant, they mostly serve snacks for kids and some rice meals but small portion. Look what I ordered? when I’m telling to the cashier what I menu I want she said “this is for kids, you sure this is enough for you?” LOL this is literally a Kiddie Meal! hahahaha!

dh30Cute Dining inside the Hotel, like a theater snack store


dh32Meat Bolognese w/ Mixed Fruits & Steamed Veggies & OJ…Kiddie Meal πŸ˜›

Finally, we were able to check in, got our key card and our room is in 9th floor. The guest rooms elevator has Mickey button!! soooo cute! And there is one thing that made me so surprised, when we get it to the elevator, Mickey’s giggly little voice will greet you and mentioned the floor where we supposed to get off. It really made me smile! Their front desk always gives a personalized and warm greeting whenever you call them if you need something. I also asked for a wake up call by 6:00 am and they set it for me, when the phone rings, it’s Mickey’s voice who will greet you “Good Morning Pal!, time to wake up and rise & shine!”, no matter how sleepy I am, it woke me up and smiled after hearing the automated wake up call. That was awesome and really made my day


dh11Cute elevator button design

I can imagine how nice our room will be! And I did not get disappointed!! I lost count how many times I said the word “WOW” when I get in to the hotel premises. Take a look of our Garden View Room of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel πŸ™‚ I hope you will like it as much as I did. I love the color combination they used and this is not just for kids, I bet even adults who will stay here would love it too! πŸ™‚

dh13Garden View Room

dh24Selfie inside our beautiful room

dh25Had a goodnight sleep πŸ™‚

dh23Nice Pool View from our room

dh14Mickey Abstract design of my bed linens

dh22Excited for our Disneyland Park tour! πŸ™‚

dh17Inserts & Postcards that you can send to your friends πŸ™‚


dh16Room Amenities

dh21Bathroom Amenities..soooo cute!

dh18Cute Mickey Bedroom Slippers


dh20Nice & Clean Bathroom

The room has great AC, clean bathroom and spacious, it has 2 comfortable double beds and can accommodate at least 2 adults & 2 kids, perfect for family whose going on Disneyland trip. And their cable TV has English channels! πŸ˜€ I’m done taking pictures of the room and I jumped on the like a kid! hahaha! but I can’t be lazy, so I took a quick shower and go to Disneyland to watch the fireworks display. I am going to create a separate blog posts that will discuss more about my Hong Kong Disneyland trip so watch out for it πŸ™‚

dh33 Hotel Facade at night πŸ™‚


I am all smiles while I’m writing this blog entry, my Disney experience still lingers in my mind and it always bring happy thoughts in me. Such a great memory that I’ll keep and be able to share this stories to my future kids πŸ™‚


Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Lantau Island Hong Kong

+852 3510-5000




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